Compliance Inspection Services

Our 16 Ft. steel Workstation is design for multiple uses offshore and on land projects. Our structural frames are DNV 2.7.1 certified and Lloyds approved for Class I & II zones.

Compliance Inspection Services

CISI developed and manufactured pontoons style oil skimmers were on the front line in the Gulf of Mexico during the Gulf Oil spill of 2010

Compliance Inspection Services

We supply an exhaustive variety of specialty coatings which offer the highest abrasion & chemical resistance and EXTREMELY high tensile strengths.

Compliance Inspection Services

Compliance Inspection Services Inc. capabilities include fabrication of towers, vessels, tanks, pipe supports, and unique structural components.

Compliance Inspection Services

Compliance Inspection Services Inc Rent Baskets, containers, and AC/Heating Units for the oil and gas, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and refining industries.


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Insulate and Air Seal with Spray Foam Insulation

Without proper air sealing, a building can lose a great deal of its efficiency through air leakage. It's one of the primary causes of hot and cold spots that can cause discomfort for owners. But as with any building product, insulation is only as effective as its installation and where it's applied. Spray foam is only installed by qualified contractors. That's why builders are choosing Spray foam to insulate their homes. Why Spray Foam? Spray foam takes building envelope performance to the extreme in three ways:

First, its high R-Value per inch provides outstanding thermal performance, so it minimizes hot and cold spots that can affect the efficiency and comfort of a building.

Second, its rigidity provides added structural integrity to your walls.

Third, it acts as a secondary moisture vapor barrier to help reduce the risk of moisture intrusion in the wall cavity.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam has a cured R-value up to 7.5 per inch, there is nothing else that comes close to Closed-Cell Polyurethane Foam. 1-1/2" - 2" of this stuff covered with a Polyurethane sealant, you will notice a reduction sound, and of course, a reduction in your Utility Bills.

Heavy rain can often intrude into home and buildings.
Proper surface preparation and polyurethane coating application can

Make Sandbagging Obsolete

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