Compliance Inspection Services

Our 16 Ft. steel Workstation is design for multiple uses offshore and on land projects. Our structural frames are DNV 2.7.1 certified and Lloyds approved for Class I & II zones.

Compliance Inspection Services

CISI developed and manufactured pontoons style oil skimmers were on the front line in the Gulf of Mexico during the Gulf Oil spill of 2010

Compliance Inspection Services

We supply an exhaustive variety of specialty coatings which offer the highest abrasion & chemical resistance and EXTREMELY high tensile strengths.

Compliance Inspection Services

Compliance Inspection Services Inc. capabilities include fabrication of towers, vessels, tanks, pipe supports, and unique structural components.

Compliance Inspection Services

Compliance Inspection Services Inc Rent Baskets, containers, and AC/Heating Units for the oil and gas, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical and refining industries.



As safety standards and environmental concerns continue to increase and evolve within the oil and gas industry, Compliance Inspection Services Inc, as a Manufacturing & service company within the Oil & gas Industry is a recognized leader in safety training and preparedness. CISI implement in-house training program to properly prepare our employees to safely handle every situation from inspection/testing & fabrication to environmental issues. Health, safety and environment (HSE) is considered a core value at Compliance Inspection Services Inc. CISI Works focuses on defining, establishing and incorporating HSE responsibility and accountability throughout every process in order to ensure that our employees and clients are safe and secure.

Every project that CISI engages in, we immediately identify the safety needs of our employees and clients first. We provides all employees with not only the fundamental safety training necessary to perform tasks adequately, but goes beyond this by providing employees with task specific training when applicable.

In a company where "people make the difference," there is no task so important that the safety of our people or the importance of environmental consciousness can be disregarded or compromised.

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